The MET GALA 2016


One hub where fashion met technology with all means keeping up the theme of


Often called as the “super bowl for fashion” or “the fashion prom” is by far the most exclusive and remarkable party of the year in New York City. Not every celebrity can make through this glamorous den but only the ones with a personal invitation by Vogue’s Anna Wintour , unless you can afford a $30,00 ticket.

The Met Gala 2016 took most of their cues from the robot-beauty ideals. There was soothing white, glittery silver, metallic grey and geometric patterns that ruled the night

We don’t quote it wrong when publicist Paul Wilmont referred the event as an “ ATM for the Met”, as it raised funds going up to $12.5 million alone last year for the museum.

From sparkling gowns to Beyonce’s butt the red carpet saw more than just costumes which forced the heads to turn and mark some of the most ravishing looks of the year.

Talking about the men, matching the extravagance and breathtaking glamour out of the women was something next to impossible. Going off the theme we saw most of them decked up in in traditional tuxes, well we still give it a plus.Metgala_look

A special mention to the 57 years old Queen of Pop’s Madonna who titled her outfit as a “Political Statement as well as a Fashion Statement” didn’t really surprise us as it was quiet a bold step with that controversial outfit that she indeed carried out with all the elegance and grace.

Finally we had many as the best dressed who really didn’t over do the theme and did justice to the event. Until next time mentioning our favorites amongst them,  Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Alicia Vikander, Kendall Jenner, Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Poppy Delevingne definitely let our jaws drop and eyes struck at them.

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