For the next upcoming PINK HEATER EXHIBITION #3 that will be held on September 28th to October 4th 2017, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Maison Charles whose has earned a reputation in the professional bronze art community for its reproductions of ancient lamps.


Founded in 1908, Maison Charles is known for its style of classicism, precision, and contemporary touches that represents a new approach to lighting and decor.

Several of their creations won the “Lampe d’Or” at the Salons “International du Luminaire de Paris”. The Charles’s family, Jean and Chrystiane Charles have also been awarded of the “Honorable Mentions for Designs”.



In 2001, the president of the company, Michael Wagner bought the company, taking the lighting design enterprise to the next level and opens his doors to renown designers such as Arman, Christian Duc, Sylvain Dubuisson, Yves Sabourin.

Birth of “FLORA FANTISTICA” Edition of a collection signed MARIKA DRU



Several designs selected by art director Malika Benshila Hutin will be showcased amongst the jewelry and accessories collections to highlight the whole setting at the Salons Marceau for the time of the event.

Pink Heater Exhibition#3

Salons Marceau

79 bis, Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris


Check out their website to discover more of Maison Charles’s concept and designs:

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