Twice a year during Paris Fashion Weeks in March and October, the Showroom moves off-site for the Pink Heater Exhibition. These peak buying periods are the occasion to showcase 20 to 25 curated designer collections, brands represented by the Showroom plus guest designers who sign up only for the Exhibition, under optimal conditions in the luxurious salons of historic private Parisian mansions. The sumptuous surroundings enhance the desirability of the collections and inspire luxury retailers, allowing them to envisage the merchandising of the brands in their stores.

Buyers and other professionals particularly enjoy having the opportunity to study the collections in a relaxed and intimate setting where Pink Heater professional staff are on hand to guide them with one-to-one, personalized attention (by appointment only).

The biannual Exhibition is the ideal platform to bring continuity into the relation between brands and buyers. Retailers follow the development of brand collections from season to season, therefore being reassured of their commercial viability.  The point of contact via the Pink Heater Showroom ensures both brands and retailers of quality distribution management