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We met Edwin in one of his 2 parisian stores, in the Marais. 17 rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd quarter. Its Edwin’s temple, its open 7 days a week. He also greets his customers with a smile and a few questions on their chocolate orientation: dark, milk, white and where they come from. Then the discovery begins.


  • Pink Heater: When were you first inspired by chocolate?

         Edwin Mael: When I was 8 years of age, we went on a school trip to visit the Cadbury’s factory in the UK. It was quite magical to enter this world. Since then I started loving chocolate.

  • PH: Why did you decide to enter the chocolate business?

         EM: Chocolate is playful. When I was 15 years old, the transitory phase of my life. I had considered several options psychology took around 5 years of studies, furniture or fashion design or chocolate maker. I chose to be a chocolate master. Its 6 years of studies and you need to have good grades in every class.

  • PH: Why did you decide to have your own business?

         EM:   For the entrepreneurial side, it came in my twenties. I decided to partner with my friend Arthur and we created Edwart.At the time, only one school was specialized in chocolate making and it was very traditional in the making, recipes. We wanted to innovate and invent new flavors. One thing that we do differently from the other houses is that our vendors are chocolate makers, they know what they are selling better than anyone. When customers come in they feel the passion!

  • PH: What does the word chocolate evoke to you?

         EM: it’s a base for creation that can be associated with everything and makes you smile.

  • PH: How do your recipes come into mind?

         EM: When I have ideas, I write then down on a notepad. I always write the different flavors I want to mix together. One of our best seller’s product is the ‘paste’ it came from one a mistake.

  • PH: You always organize a tasting for your customers?

         EM: yes, it’s important they know what they like therefor taste it.

  • PH: What has been the most memorable collaboration since the creation of Edwart ?

         EM: Each one is different and unique, I liked the one with Sylvaine Delacourte   former nose for Guerlain, she has now her own eponym brand. We did a special chocolate for Mother’s Day. Perfume is like chocolate, there are 3 base notes. We created a chocolate with a fuse of libanese coffee, lemon and Madagascar vanilla.We have a next collaboration coming up but I can’t say anything yet!

  • PH: What do you think about the idea of collaborating with Pink Heater?

         EM: It’s a great thing as we have always wanted to do crossover collaborations and mix different universes.

  • PH: Creation and craftsmanship travel the borders, it’s an international language. What does creation mean to you and how do you find your inspirations?

         EM: I have been inspired by Paris all my life, the Parisian style is super eclectic, distinctive. So many different cultures when you go from one neighborhood to another.

  • PH: What is your take on fashion, do you follow the trends?

         EM: I just did a collaboration with a shirt brand called Louisette Paris specialized in wax. I chose the design and pattern.


Edward Chocolatier Addresse 1 : 17 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004  Paris

Edward Chocolatier Addresse 2 : 244 Rue de Rivioli, 75001 Paris

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