For the SS18 collection Hibourama designers Maila Ferlisi and Rachele Fancini teamed up with fashion blogger Georgiana Boboc to make an exclusive capsule collection of 5 pieces within the Marrakech. PINK HEATER will present the collection during its next Paris Fashion Week Exhibition from September 28th until October 4th.

It becomes obvious when you get to know Georgiana’s world and Hibourama designs that a collaboration would emerge. On Instagram and on her blog www.vintage-traffic.com, Georgiana showcases designers that don’t go unnoticed; she has an eye for detail and a sense of fantastic-ness. The same can be said about Maila and Rachele, their designs are a fusion of great imagination and extreme love of detail. The color combinations, the mix of textures and the play of rich embroideries make each bag a unique storyteller.

During their workshop at Pink Heater HQ in Paris, Malika Benshila Hutin, Founder and Director of the agency had a couple of questions for Georgiana, Maila and Rachele.


Describe yourself in 3 words:

GEORGIANA: In a few words I would say I am a hard worker, optimistic and positive all the time no matter what and, I am a romantic. With that comes the dreams, I am a dreamer but at the same time realistic.

How do you work as a duo creating your bags?

MAILA & RACHELE: We are both passionate about our craft. You need passion, otherwise you can’t move forward in this business. It is a beautiful feeling to see someone wearing your bag; it gives you a real sense of achievement. We are also creative and we work hard, constantly pushing ourselves to the limit to discover more, seeking inspiration each season, each year to improve our designs.

Are there new challenges?

M. & R.: Yes, of course. Every year there are new challenges. We want to see our company grow. We are young women and we are building on each new experience.

What appealed to you most when you discovered Hibourama bags?

G.:  I discovered Hibourama on Instagram.  I like bling and sparkles and embellishments; Hibourama’s were unique, fresh and original. Detail is important, so when I discovered the brand and its focus on detail, I wanted to follow and see how they would grow.


Do you follow bloggers?

M. & R.: We do a lot of research on bloggers and influencers to keep up-to-date on trends. They can influence the next big trends and we can interpret these trends in our creations.

Your collaboration came very naturally; it feels like you have been working together for a long time…

G.: I connected with Hibourama quickly, without knowing Maila and Rachele. They are creative and passionate people, meticulous and devoted to detail. That is what I love about Hibourama. Their work with beads attracted me. Color coordination is also important. It’s hard to come up with something new and different, but they do it with each collection.

The new collection SS18 has a lot of soul. How did you come up with the idea of Marrakech?

M. & R.: We were inspired by the movie on Yves Saint Laurent and his “Majorelle” garden. Every detail inspired us, the architecture, the colors and the patterns in the mosaics and tile floors.

Are you inspired to do the capsule collection?

G.:  This is the first time I’ve accepted to collaborate with a designer. It’s really thrilling to create a first design with people whose work I really appreciate. I was attracted to the season, spring/summer, because it’s all about color and you can play with color, texture, embellishments and the flower details, in warmer seasons. It gives you a feeling of joy.


PINK HEATER is organizing a special event during the next Paris Fashion Week from September 28th to October 4th. Meet Hibourama designers Maila Ferlisi and Rachele Fancini and fashion blogger Georgiana Boboc introducing their SS18 capsule collection during Pink Heater’s 3rd Edition Exhibition at the Salons Marceau, Paris, on Monday 1st October. 2017 from 10am to 12pm. In collaboration with Edwart Chocolatier.

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